Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reason #300

She is actually starting the transform the shitty-kitty into a good one.

Reason #299

She tells me to get lobster even though she loathes the smell.

Reason #298

She wants to live abroad some day, as do I.

Reason #297

She knows that you don't have to put sunscreen on indoors.

Reason #296

She introduced me to someone that I was lucky to have met before he died so young.

Reason #295

She can pull off a perm.

Reason #294

She and I make the best team there is.

Reason #293

She is reading a book on Java programming.

Reason #292

She has paid off her student loans!

Reason #291

She lets me take care of business things.

Reason #290

She comes up with great last minute fun weekends. Amish watching was just a bonus!

Reason #289

She is getting better about riding in the car.

Reason #288

She will learn to love the house she doesn't love because she knows it's the best one for the family.

Reason #287

She makes the coolest treats for my kids' birthdays.